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Do’s and Don’t’s When Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Do’s and Don’t’s When Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

My bridal shop Joy And Back is open for business and I am happily booking appointments for Manitoba brides!  All proceeds from the sale of our wedding dresses, veils and accessories are donated to local cancer charities to support Manitoba families affected by cancer. I encourage all former brides to consider donating their dresses and bridal ‘goodies’ to the project and of course brides-to-be should check us out as well. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when you start thinking about shopping for your dream dress:

DO Book your appointment early

The cool November weather always marks the start of engagement season and subsequently the busy wedding dress shopping season!  At our little shop we only have capacity to run one appointment at a time and Saturday slots are the first to get booked.  During our busiest periods, (ie: after Christmas) we often book 2 weeks in advance so keep that in mind when thinking about an appointment. 

DO Bring That Camera and Snap Away

Seriously, I encourage it!  It makes a huge difference to view your wedding dress options through a camera lens compared to a mirror.  It is also helpful to see how the dress photographs from all angles.

DO shop for your body type

Trendy dresses come and go but it is always best to figure out the style that works best for you.  It is important to focus on your personal style and what flatters you most. An A-line shape is great if you have wider hips, while column dresses hug your figure and look great on tall women or petites.

DON’T bring a crowd

I curse those wedding shows that encourage brides to bring an entourage of 20 people to your appointment!  Too many guests brings way too many competing thoughts and opinions that you didn’t ask for!  At our shop we only have enough room for the bride and two guests – no exceptions.  It’s also perfectly normal to arrive solo; we are happy to consult with you one on one!

DON’T try on everything

Your appointment duration is 60 minutes which is enough time, I promise!  Within this time frame you will likely try on between 2-8 dresses.  I always encourage brides to visit other salons first to get a sense of what you like.  Since our dresses are not samples, we ask for serious shoppers only.

DON’T worry about bridal sizing

I always have to explain that bridal sizing is 4 sizes increased from your street size.  Once you get your head around that, I will show you all the wedding dresses in your size range you may browse during your appointment.  Remember to pay attention to how it looks, not what the label reads.

DO have an open mind

At a glance, many of the dresses may not stand out to you on the hangers but once you have a dress on, it takes on a different shape and look and it can be a complete transformation.  I always encourage brides to try on a few of my picks during their appointment because sometimes you just don’t know until it’s on! 

What are you waiting for?  Make your bridal dress appointment at today!