Calling all former brides and brides to be!  If your wedding dress is 8 years old or less, consider donating it to make a difference.  Joy And Back is a not for profit bridal shop that donates all net proceeds from the sale of its wedding dresses and accessories to cancer charities in the Manitoba area.  Your dress can help fund an important cause AND it gives another bride an opportunity to wear a beautiful dress on her wedding day.  I strongly encourage you to leave a note for the next bride and feel free to include your email address if you would like to connect with the new buyer.

Brides to be can get a great dress at a great price for a great cause.  Appointments are necessary to try on dresses or for a veil consultation.  We take appointments Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday during the day.  Appointment and donation FAQ's below.  


Appointment FAQ'S

  • How many guests can I bring?

You may bring a maximum of 1-2 guests with you during your appointment.  There is no lobby or seating and your guests will share your changeroom.

  • When should I make my appointment?

We ask for serious shoppers only.  There is absolutely no pressure to buy but please don't visit with the intent to just try stuff on.  Please wait until you are ready to commit.  

Why?  Our dresses are not samples we can replace.  Each one will hopefully be another bride’s wedding dress.  We want each dress to be in great shape… and to reduce wear and tear prior to purchase.

If your wedding is more than a year away, keep in mind that you will need to store the dress and your tastes may change.  Wait until you are ready.

There are no returns and no exchanges.  All sales are final.

  • What else should I know?

No food or beverages.

Please no makeup on the bride.

Joy And Back is not a typical salon...instead we offer a self service environment and ask that you take part in keeping our shop nice for the next bride.

    Donation FAQ'S

    • Does my dress have to be cleaned first?

    No! The dresses will have to be cleaned regardless so please don't bother!  Everything will come out and is handled by cleaners afterwards.

    • Do you accept bridesmaid and Mother of the Bride Dresses?

    While these dresses won't be sold through Joy And Back I will happily accept them so they can be donated to schools in Manitoba that allow teenagers to attend their prom.  

    • Do you accept veils and accessories?

    YES!  As a matter of fact we have a great need for ALL your wedding goodies, including purses, shoes, veils, head pieces, shawls, boleros and jewelry.  

    • What if I don't live in Winnipeg? 

    That is perfectly fine!  Simply take the dress out of its packaging, turn it inside out and roll it into the smallest box you can find (this method works, trust me).  It shouldn't be more than $15 to $20 to mail it (please email me for the mailing address).  If you leave a note with your email address in the package, I will email you as soon as it arrives!  Don't forget to include a special note for the new owner of your wedding dress!

    • What if my dress is older than 8 years?

    Due to the itty bitty size of our shop and the buying preferences of our brides, we are unable to accept dresses that are older than 8 years. Community groups like Arts Junktion would be willing to take your beautiful dress instead of Joy And Back.  

    • Do I get a tax receipt?

    There are lots of reasons why you do not get a tax receipt for your donation, mainly linked to the high administrative costs associated with issuing tax receipts which would preclude the organization from donating as much as it could to local, well deserving charities.  Corporate donors will receive a statement of value of the donation provided they submit a statement of the value of goods.  This is a great write-off for a great cause.  Thank you for your donation!

    • How can I stay in touch and follow the latest (and greatest) Joy And Back news?

    Please like our Facebook Page and Follow us on instagram


    This project is inspired by Helen Sweet and the Brides' Project in Toronto.  If you have more questions, wish to schedule an appointment or to donate your dress please email