Coordinator, Planner, Designer, Stylist – wedding industry professionals go by many names and it can get pretty confusing to differentiate one from the other.  So what are the differences between wedding designers, coordinators and planners and how can you distinguish between each role and figure out the individual best suited for your wedding?  Check out the descriptions in today’s blog along with my service packages that best align with each!

Wedding Designer

A designer is focused on aesthetics only and does not include things like contract negotiations or timeline development.  A designer carefully considers color palates, lighting, floor plans, florals, furniture rentals and linens to give your wedding a cohesive and beautiful look.  A wedding designer’s role is to transform your wedding, wow you and your guests and plan all design elements in a manner that reflects your style and budget.

Ask for: Pretty Up My Party (note that design services are only offered alongside planning or coordination).

Wedding Planner

Also known as a fairy godmother, a planner encompasses all areas of wedding planning - logistics, contract negotiation and vendor sourcing, vendor appointments, floor plan and timeline development and payment tracking, (amongst other things).  This is the most comprehensive service for couples and their families to help aid in decision making, budgeting and creation of custom to-do lists week by week (or month by month depending on where you land in the planning process).  Many planners (including myself) also include design services to help with the creative process as well.

Ask for: Your Other Half

Wedding Coordinator

A Wedding Coordinator is contracted for what is commonly referred to as a ‘month-of’ service.  This is a wedding professional focused on logistics only and hired to manage wedding details one month before the wedding with no earlier involvement in the planning process.  They confirm contracts, tweak details, follow up on any outstanding items and help with timeline planning to ensure all vendors are clear on set up and tear down information.  They manage all details of the day to ensure everyone stays on schedule and YOU get enjoy your wedding celebration!

Ask for: The Homestretch (an enhanced version of ‘month-of’)