Attending more weddings than you can count this summer? Start preparing now for the 2017 wedding season and follow these tips.

Start stocking up on wedding-worthy attire

Is your wardrobe totally ill-equipped to attend multiple weddings? Hit the sales early to stock up on dresses, suits, and cocktail attire for your summer weddings.

Set a budget

As painful as it is, review your 2017 wedding calendar and plug in how much you plan to spend for each wedding, including travel and wardrobe.  Once the numbers are on paper, it is much easier to stick to your financial plan.

Don’t be afraid to decline an invitation

Etiquette dictates that while you still need to send a gift for every wedding invitation you receive, (it could be a gift card or a cheque), there is no shame in turning down an invite if you recognize you have reached your limit and need some alone time.  As long as you RSVP by the requested deadline, bride and groom have to respect your decision.

Be My Guest

Start thinking about who you’ll bring as a plus one to your celebrations if the couple gives you a plus one. You might want to rekindle old flames or catch up with old friends before choosing your plus one.

Alternate Accommodations

If you can, stay with a friend who is local instead of paying for a hotel at every wedding you attend. Start planning now so you can ask to crash, and don’t forget to return the favor!   If you must pay for accommodations, make sure you book early to take advantage of the best possible deals. Also consider non-traditional housing options, like Airbnb.

Plan your personal travel around weddings. 

Having a full calendar of weddings doesn’t mean you can’t plan a little travel for yourself. Try to tack on a few days before or after the wedding to explore nearby destinations and get some well deserved alone time

Buy cards in bulk 

Many stores will offer discounts if you buy multiple cards at once. Buy all your wedding cards for the season at the same time to save a little cash and have some on hand in case an emergency event arises #adulting

Hit the registry early

The early bird gets the worm. (Or the reasonable registry gift!) Purchase your wedding gift before others so you’re not left with the big ticket items.

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