Remember back in university when getting ready to go out was almost just as good as the night out itself?  A lot of Brides and Grooms tell me that the morning of their wedding, sipping on mamosas with their nearest and dearest can be an unexpected highlight of the day.  Here are some tips to keep the morning of your wedding as enjoyable as possible.


This is my biggest piece of advice I share with my couples – EAT BREAKFAST.  I know visions of hair and makeup going wrong and walking down that aisle might dominate your thoughts but its best to take advantage of the down time, stretch out and hydrate and nourish yourself. Also, stick with foods you prefer and ones that are easy to digest, (today is not the day to try something new.)  Of course, always try to keep it healthy and focus on proteins and lots of veggies.


Try not to take everything so seriously.  This once in a lifetime event can sweep you into its whirlwind and leave the day as a blur unless you make time for yourself.  Laugh with friends and family, breathe and make a playlist to get the morning off on the right foot.  It’s your wedding so do what you need to do to relax, whether it be some simple stretching in the morning, a bath or an episode of your favorite Sex and the City episode to toast your single days away!


Wear clothing you are comfortable in and that you can get easily over your head (button shirts or stretchy shirts with large collars are ideal).  Try to avoid wearing bras during the getting ready process since strap marks can be unsightly for getting ready photos and leave marks on your shoulders and back.  For more of a glam custom getting ready robe for you and your girls,  I LOVE By Catalfo.


It can do wonders for your stress levels to do your hair and makeup on your territory and eliminate travel for you the morning of your wedding.  When the stylists arrive, a key tip is to have an area prepared for them to lay out all their equipment and offer lots of natural light – your photographer will thank you for that one as well!


This is actually my favorite part of the wedding planning process for my couples. Setting a hair and makeup schedule reduces stress and makes things easier to manage the morning of your wedding especially with lots of bridesmaids in attendance. It ensures everyone has a set arrival time and creates a smoother flow so everyone has a chance to relax and get glammed up for your big day!