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What to Look for in a Wedding Planner

What to Look for in a Wedding Planner

In the wedding industry (particularly in the Manitoba market), the period of October to March corresponding with the Christmas/Valentine’s holidays are BIG for bookings. I’ve gone into many reasons WHY to hire a wedding planner but in the early stages of your search, it’s important to have a list of what to look for in the same way you’d have checklists for your DJ, a photographer or a florist.  Here is my recommended list of considerations as you search for your wedding planner.

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Considering Little Ones in Your Wedding Party

Considering Little Ones in Your Wedding Party

To include children or not to include children in your wedding party? Your wedding day is full of memorable and exciting moments and the result of hours and hours of careful planning and no one wants it ruined by a screaming toddler.  This doesn’t mean you have to rule out having children in your wedding party entirely but I have some recommendations to make children more comfortable at your wedding and avoid any melt downs as much as possible.

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Look Good Dancing At Your Wedding

Look Good Dancing At Your Wedding

For many couples, the thought of dancing in front of 100+ of your nearest and dearest can cause minor heart palpitations leading up to the big day. Have no fear, I have some quick tips to look good dancing at your wedding! Click the header on your left for the full post!

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5 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding

5 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding

Social media feeds are overrun with wedding inspiration and it almost seems as if there is nothing original when it comes to weddings.  Every couple wants to give their guests a unique experience but it can seem like quite a challenge in the beginning.  I always tell my clients the strategy to make your wedding stand out is to make it meaningful by considering all your favourite things as a couple in the early stages of planning.

2018 Wedding Trends

2018 Wedding Trends

Happy 2018 everyone! I am SO excited for all the events and weddings in my calendar this year and after a restful holiday season it is time to get back to planning and designing with all my amazing clients.  To kick off the New Year, I’ve listed some predicted trends for the upcoming event season.  From bold colors to bridal fashion and cutting edge décor, check out what you can expect to see this year.

The Many Roles of a Wedding Professional

Coordinator, Planner, Designer, Stylist – wedding industry professionals go by many names and it can get pretty confusing to differentiate one from the other.  So what are the differences between wedding designers, coordinators and planners and how can you distinguish between each role and figure out the individual best suited for your wedding?  Check out the descriptions in today’s blog along with my service packages that best align with each!

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Wedding Emergency Kit Must-Haves

Wedding Emergency Kit Must-Haves

My brides always get a kick out of my massive emergency kit bag, and I am continually adding to it.  Nothing says ‘prepared’ more than a suitcase filled with medical kits, apparel and beauty must-haves.  Below, I assembled a handy check list of items (and corresponding categories) you should consider packing on your wedding day.

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Let's Talk About Speeches

I find speeches can make or break any party atmosphere.  How many times have you cringed during a best man’s speech or on the contrary - roared with laughter and clapped for an encore?  A well delivered speech should accomplish two things – it should make all guests feel welcome and included and recognize the celebration or purpose of the party.  I always try to work hard with wedding emcees to make them feel prepared and confident and deliver a great program to compliment a beautiful celebration.  Here are some other tips for everyone planning a wedding (or any speech) in the future.

Sweet Table 411

Sweet Table 411

I LOVE styling sweet tables at weddings.  Often it’s that last décor touch to really leave an impression on your guests and those ‘sweet’ details should never be overlooked. The wedding dessert table has become a staple as many couples opt to skip the giant wedding cake for a more varied assortment of goodies. After all, why choose one dessert when you could offer your guests a whole buffet table full of your favorite desserts? Not only does the dessert table offer your wedding guests more choices, it also can be more cost effective, depending on what type of desserts you’re serving, and how much of it you design yourself.  

Budgeting Basics

I always start a preliminary phone call or meeting with my favorite question: ‘what is your budget?’ This is often met with silence, nervous exchanges and a lot of questions.  There is nothing exciting when it comes to talking numbers around your wedding day but the truth is, you can’t move forward without a solid budget to work from.  Not only is this the foundation for your wedding planning but confirming your budget early will keep you in control, eliminate guilty spending and help to minimize conflict down the line.

 1.       Research – Start by doing some serious research regarding weddings in your area.  Meet with vendors and wedding experts, get printed price lists and gather as much information as possible to form a general figure around your wedding budget.  This allows you to determine the kind of wedding you can have.

2.       Get on that guest list!  In order to estimate venue, catering and rental costs which are typically half of your overall wedding budget, sit down with your fiancé and make a list of everyone you would ever want at your wedding.  I recommend three lists - A (must invite), B (could invite) and, if the list is big enough, C (maybe invite).  From there, estimate that each guest will cost approximately $100 for a selection of passed appetizers, a three course meal and open bar.  If you live in a large city like Vancouver or Toronto, estimate $150 per person.  Reach out to 1 or 2 common wedding venues in your area to get a sense of rental charges and use their prices as a guideline only to formulate your budget.

3.       Speak To Both Sides of The Family -   This can be a tough conversation for many, but it has to happen early in the budgeting process in order to allow your planning to move forward.  Take time with your fiancé to think about the kind of wedding you want. If you suspect you are paying for the venue and catering costs yourself, make it clear to both families that the wedding guest list will stick to your friends and close family.  If your parents want to invite their crew and you are open to it, talk about splitting the catering costs in a few ways to manage the larger celebration.  I often see close family members paying for one part of the wedding (such as a dress, cake or hotel) as a gift to help offset some wedding costs.

4.       Prioritize – Estimating that the venue, catering and rental costs are 50% of your budget, move on to the other major categories:


florals and décor (like head table draping)

entertainment (band, DJ)



transportation and hotel

stationary and print (invites, place cards, menus)

Think about what is most important to you and which items you can omit from your budget, if possible.  In order of priority, allocate more money towards these ‘important’ items and remember to include taxes in your budget. 

5.       Don’t Forget the Hidden Line Items – Aside from the major categories listed above, there are other important items to budget for – hair and makeup, wedding attire, wedding bands and gifts for the bridal party, welcome packages for out of towners as well as party alcohol liability insurance (PAL for short) which protects you if a guest gets injured at your wedding.  Lots of these vendors charge delivery and set up fees so be sure to keep an eye out for those when you start getting some proposals.  Lastly, don’t forget to include your wedding plannerJ She or he will make a big impact in reinforcing your wedding vision and ensuring you keep within your budget.  A professional wedding planner can also help you source vendors within your budget to keep planning as efficient as possible.

6.       Keep your budget handy Repeat after me, refer to your budget often and always! Once you have finalized your budget with your fiancé, print it out, keep it close and update it as you confirm your dream team for your big day!