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Favorite Winnipeg Venues (over 200 people)

Favorite Winnipeg Venues (over 200 people)

Searching for the perfect venue is hard.  It’s the foundation, (literally) for your wedding and one of the biggest decisions you will make during your wedding planning journey.  Many historic homes, garden sanctuaries and smaller museum sites have capacities limited to 150 or fewer persons and in mid-size markets like Winnipeg, finding a venue can be particularly difficult if your wedding guest list exceeds 200 people. 

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The Fyre Festival Disaster: Lessons Learned

I feel compelled to take a step away from the usual wedding related content this month to comment on the Netflix Fyre documentary.   I, like millions of others, recently watched this film in total horror and, honestly WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?  I have found it challenging to organize a wedding in 4 months let alone a weekend music festival, yeesh!  If you have been living under a rock, learn more about the Festival, (or what could have been) here. In theory, this would have been an incredible long weekend music festival set in the beauty of the Bahamas with luxury accommodations, an A-star lineup and a once in a lifetime experience.  Thanks to an online push by social media influencers (mainly models who never intended to show up to the actual festival in the first place), the event sold out in record time in 2016 and, in a series of terrible planning mistakes things quickly spiraled culminating with a massive social media back lash that left organizers in a pile of financial and legal trouble. I had no expectations as I settled in one Sunday evening to watch this mess of a wanna-be festival, but as an event professional this documentary stuck with me and I’ve been having anxious thoughts about it ever since.  The more I play some of the scenes over and over in my head, the more I realize very basic fundamentals of event planning were not even considered by organizers.