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What to Look for in a Wedding Planner

What to Look for in a Wedding Planner

In the wedding industry (particularly in the Manitoba market), the period of October to March corresponding with the Christmas/Valentine’s holidays are BIG for bookings. I’ve gone into many reasons WHY to hire a wedding planner but in the early stages of your search, it’s important to have a list of what to look for in the same way you’d have checklists for your DJ, a photographer or a florist.  Here is my recommended list of considerations as you search for your wedding planner.

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2019 Wedding Trends

2019 Wedding Trends

HNY everyone! 2019 is going to be our busiest year yet and we are SO excited for all the events and weddings going down in the next 12 months. After an incredible tour of Hawaii with the family in December, it is time to get back to planning and designing with all our amazing clients and to kick off the New Year, we’ve listed some predicted trends for the upcoming event season.  From classic apparel to sustainable weddings, check out what you can expect to see this year.

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The Many Roles of a Wedding Professional

Coordinator, Planner, Designer, Stylist – wedding industry professionals go by many names and it can get pretty confusing to differentiate one from the other.  So what are the differences between wedding designers, coordinators and planners and how can you distinguish between each role and figure out the individual best suited for your wedding?  Check out the descriptions in today’s blog along with my service packages that best align with each!

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Let's Talk About Speeches

I find speeches can make or break any party atmosphere.  How many times have you cringed during a best man’s speech or on the contrary - roared with laughter and clapped for an encore?  A well delivered speech should accomplish two things – it should make all guests feel welcome and included and recognize the celebration or purpose of the party.  I always try to work hard with wedding emcees to make them feel prepared and confident and deliver a great program to compliment a beautiful celebration.  Here are some other tips for everyone planning a wedding (or any speech) in the future.