Statistically speaking, the past 8 weeks are the busiest time of the year for engagements so congratulations to everyone who recently got a shiny new piece of jewelry!  Many couples in the early stages of planning prioritize their wedding date and budget followed closely by confirming their wedding party.   This can cause a lot of anxiety and it might seem like a daunting task but keep the following tips in mind when thinking about who to include in your wedding day crew:

Take a breath and take your time

Caught up in the moment, especially the hype of getting engaged it might be easy to want to make grand plans about your wedding and your wedding party.  Take at least a month before approaching anyone to be in your wedding party.  Once you make that call, you can’t reverse your decision so choose carefully!

Include your siblings

The saying is true – friends may come and go but siblings are indeed, forever!  You should always include your siblings in your wedding day - ideally IN your wedding party, but otherwise give them honored roles like handing out programs, special readings or attending to the receiving table.

Set Expectations Early On

Once you have your wedding A-Team, best to lay out some basic expectations so you aren’t disappointed by the time the big day arrives.  If you want a super involved wedding party with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and lots of input in the wedding planning process, don’t expect that from a pal who lives across the country.  Be rational and reasonable – they are paying a lot of money to help you walk down that aisle ;)

Wedding Party Size

Rarely are any of my weddings equal on either side for guys or gals.  If the groom has two pals he wants to include and you have four, I promise it won’t look as strange as it might feel to you.  It’s always better to have true friends and family by your side and not to force even numbers or ask someone to be in your wedding party only because they asked you.  An authentic wedding party always looks way better in pictures!

Man of Honor, Grooms Lady & Little Ones

This is a trend I am still very fond of.  Brides, if you have a guy in your life you want to invite to stand on your side and vice versa for grooms, it is perfectly fine to have them stand with you as a Man of Honor or Grooms Lady.  Same goes for the little ones in your life.  If you don’t have a child like a niece or nephew close to you, skip the kids!   If you have multiple special kids in your life, include them and have them walk down the aisle in groups. Remember to include your favorite people in your special day – whoever they might be!