Getting all your bridesmaids together 50 years ago was an easy task, but these days you might all be spread across the province, country or even the world! We know how stressful that can seem at first. But don’t worry! We have the best tips for you and your remote bridal party so you can enjoy and involve your girls throughout the whole wedding planning process!

●     Communication

Get off to a good start by communicating everything with your bridal party. From the bridesmaid proposals to the bridesmaid dresses and the bridesmaid duties to the wedding day timeline, without strong communication throughout the whole wedding planning process it can be easy for details to be missed, feelings to be hurt or just plain confusion! By communicating often you will be able to see how your bridal party is doing and they will know what’s up at all times!

●     Involve Everyone

Just because your bridesmaids don’t live next door doesn’t mean they can’t help with the wedding planning! Do you have a bridesmaid that’s into graphic design? Have her design your invitations. Got a bridesmaid that’s into music? Have her make a playlist for you! The possibilities are endless but it’s such a great way to include everyone in the planning!

●     Group Chats

Group chats are a great option for sending out wedding details without having to repeat yourself to every bridesmaid! Just drop whatever info you need your girls to know in the group chat and they’ll all stay in the loop! It’s also an easy way to plan certain events like the bridal shower or bachelorette party - win-win!

●     Pinterest Boards

If your bridesmaid are spread across the country then Pinterest is your new best friend! Seriously, Pinterest is basically a virtual wedding planning binder for brides and their bridal parties. Create a group board and share it with your girls. You’ll have tons of wedding inspo in days and it’ll feel like your girls are right there with you!

●     Skype

Group chats are great but Skype takes it that one step further. Sometimes you really just need to actually see your girls! You can even take them along with you for your wedding dress shopping and see their reactions in real time!

●     Shop Online

Just because you can’t get your girls all in one room trying on bridesmaid dresses doesn’t mean you can’t find a stunning dress that’ll look good on everyone and match the theme of your wedding. Choose to order your bridesmaid dresses from an online store like BridesMade! Your bridesmaid can choose to rent or buy their bridesmaid dresses for a fraction of the cost, and BridesMade will even send them a sample box for your bridesmaids to try on the dress before they commit to ordering for the big day!

Don’t be discouraged if your bridesmaids don’t live in the same city, province or country. You can still make your wedding planning special and include them in the experience!

This is a guest post by BridesMade