I am thrilled to formally announce an initiative I have been working on for a long time. JOY AND BACK is a not for profit bridal shop dedicated to making a difference.

In 2004 an entrepreneur named Helen Sweet started a movement called The Brides' Project in Toronto.  The mission was simple; to provide every bride with the things she needs for a beautiful wedding within her budget and to support cancer charities by donating all their profits.  Eleven years and half a million dollars later, The Brides' Project has made a big impact on brides and the cancer community in the Ontario region.  Each year over 1400 women visit The Brides' Project to find their dream dress.  I had the privilege of sitting as an active board member at The Brides' Project for years when I lived in Toronto and now with the blessing of my Brides' Project family, I am bringing this initiative home as Joy And Back.

Joy And Back is dedicated to the memory of family and friends who have passed away from or have been diagnosed with cancer.  It also celebrates the survivors and allows brides to share their stories and pass on a dress that would otherwise go unused after its first wear.

As a wedding and event planner with eight years experience in the industry, most of my clients are budget conscious and struggle with the high costs associated with a wedding.  Through Joy And Back, a wedding dress becomes much more than just a dress to wear once; it becomes a financial, environmental and social way for a couple to contribute on their wedding day, simply by buying (and hopefully) re-donating their dress.

The call is now out for wedding dresses 8 years old or less in order to stock up for our February pop up shop!  I am also looking for volunteers to help with pick ups and to help brides find their dream dress at the shop next year.  For more information on donations and FAQ's check out my page here.  Thank you for helping to make a difference in our community!