Wedding photos can be full of stress and anxiety for many brides; after all, you only get one ‘shot’ at perfection, (pardon the pun)!  You have spent hours researching, meeting and confirming the best photographer for your wedding but how to make sure you get the best pictures? The real key to getting great pictures is to appear as relaxed and as natural as possible but that’s easier said than done on the biggest day of your life.  On today’s blog, I asked the pro – Megan from Megan Steen Photography for some advice on this front and as it turns out, staying composed and gorgeous in your photos is all in the pre-planning. Check out Megan’s tips below:

The Right Light!

The first item that is of the utmost importance is lighting.  Lighting has a huge impact on how your pictures will turn out so make sure you factor in lighting when planning out locations on your wedding day.  If you are getting married in the winter, keep in mind that the daylight hours are short and precious.

Starting the Day

Check out your getting ready location in advance to make sure it has plenty of natural light and room to move around even when you factor in your wedding party.  You want to be comfortable and have access to everything you need in order to primp for your big day and start the photos off on the right foot!

Ceremony Time

Some officiants are camera shy and prefer photographers stay back during photos.  Make sure you understand their policy early in the planning process as well as any restrictions your venue might have as you plan for your wedding day so there are no surprises at the altar.

The Formal Photos

Send over a formal family portrait list at least 6 weeks in advance so your wedding planner and photographer have time to plot out the timing for your itinerary and identify any timing issues.  We need to ensure there is enough time to get all the pictures you need and stay on track for the rest of the day. Also best to assign a bridesmaid or close family member to help wrangle the extended family and help us stick to the schedule

Outdoor Pictures

No one likes a sweaty, red faced bride!  Megan recommends you keep outdoor photos to a minimum, between10 and 3 when the sun is the highest and it prevents squinty photos!  When looking for an outdoor location, try to find one that will offer some respite from the heat and sun.

When in Doubt, ask!

If you have questions about your timeline, good locations or other tips, don’t hesitate to ask your hired photographer or wedding planner.  We are here to advise and coordinate your dream day so all you have to do is relax and look gorgeous!