For many couples, the thought of dancing in front of 100+ of your nearest and dearest can cause minor heart palpitations leading up to the big day. Have no fear, I have some quick tips to look good dancing at your wedding!

1.    Pick The Right Song

For many, the song selection can be the hardest part.  Select a song that not only has sentimental value to you as a couple but also has a clear beat that you can easily dance to. I am a huge fan of classic first dance songs, ideally 5 years old or more with a few exceptions #BeyonceForever.  Also, listen carefully to the lyrics and make sure there aren’t any negative hidden meanings or R-rated language.

Here is a link of first dance songs I love

2. Confidence is Key

Often the first dance follows your grand entrance into the reception room and all eyes will be on you! Make a statement and keep your head up and shoulders back as you both walk onto the dance floor proudly as a married couple. Once you get to the middle of the dance floor, take a breath and listen to the music before you start dancing.

3. All Smiles and Lock Eyes

You are inevitably going to step on each other’s feet or gown once (or twice) during your dance but make sure you smile when you dance and look at each other. It is your wedding day, and you should be enjoying yourself! Not only will you feel more relaxed, your dance will photograph better AND guests focus on your facial expressions more than your footwork.  No one will notice your mistakes if you are having fun!

4. Short n’ Sweet

Keep your dance under three minutes to alleviate guest boredom and additional stress. Trust me, three minutes feels like a lifetime in front of an audience and if you are rehearsing a dance, more than three minutes is a lot of choreography to remember. 

5. Make it Memorable

What would a first dance be without a lift or a dip? Make your dance memorable (and a good photo op) with a little lift or dip but PLEASE practice ahead of time.  If you are looking to learn some basic choreography to avoid the ‘middle school sway’ as I like to call it OR looking for a special choreographed piece, you need to call Shirley’s Dance Studio in Winnipeg and schedule a private lesson. They take all couples from beginner to advanced and they can really help build your confidence before your wedding day!

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