My brides always get a kick out of my massive emergency kit bag, and I am continually adding to it.  Nothing says ‘prepared’ more than a suitcase filled with medical kits, apparel and beauty must-haves.  Below, I assembled a handy check list of items (and corresponding categories) you should consider packing on your wedding day.


Mobile Phone Charger


Pain reliever pills 

Mild medication for nausea, diarrhea, eye drops etc.

Mini First Aid kit including Band-Aids


Safety Pins and Corsage Pins

Small folding scissors 

Mini sewing kit with black and white thread

Hem Tape

Spot Remover

Clothing Brush


Hair pins, hair bands, gel and hair spray 


Clear nail polish (gotta stop those pantyhose runs)

Spare pantyhose and black socks

Extra bottle of coloured nail polish 

Lipstick, lip balm and gloss 

Extra earring backs 

Blotting papers


Mints, dental floss or toothpicks, mouthwash, toothpaste

Perfume, deodorant (men and women)

Tampons, sanitary pads and liners

Fine Q tips to tackle those careful make-up touch ups

Tissues and moist towelettes


Static Guard

Glue Dots

Lastly, don’t forget lots of water (with straws so lipstick doesn’t smudge) and healthy and light snacks such as dried fruit and nuts for a burst of energy throughout the day