A few weeks ago I shared the differences between venue coordinators and wedding coordinators which is a pretty common question.  As an extension of that conversation, I wanted to share the major reasons to hire a wedding planner in the first place.  Wedding planners are no longer just a staple for ritzy events but are so much more affordable and accessible than ever before, (just email me and ask for a quote)!  Here are the major benefits of including a wedding planner for your big day:


1.       Discounts and deals


Wedding and event planners are expert relationship builders.  My primary responsibility is to make my clients happy and working with reputable vendors is a major part of that.  I am able to leverage by economies of scale – if I continue to work with a wonderful photographer for example we can establish a special rate so my clients save big in the end.

I also have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to score some nice discounts on décor and other products that may otherwise be full price to brides without a planner.  Lastly, I help clients stay on budget and recommend how much to spend in each budget line item which can be really tough to do on your own! 


2.       The expertise you need


Wedding planners allow you to bring your vision to life!  When I meet with my clients, I can provide insider knowledge to make their pinterest boards a reality and help manage expectations in terms of DIY versus outsourcing. I can help answer any and ALL of your wedding related questions and act as your professional ‘go to’ gal for all wedding needs, tips and tricks!


3.       Makes planning enjoyable


Chances are both you and your fiancé have jobs and other responsibilities that demand a lot of your time.  My job is to make things as straightforward as possible so you can focus on other priorities in your life.  For example, instead of spending hours researching potential vendors after a long day at work, I will do the research for you and present you with some reputable options. You can select the vendors you want to meet with and I can help with the contracts moving forward.  I feel so awful when I talk to couples who have spent the entire year worried, stressed and constantly discussing the wedding.  I want to make the most efficient use of your time and actually allow you to enjoy your engagement!


4.       Manage the expectations of your family


As soon as you get engaged, everyone in your family will give their advice whether you ask for it or not!   I understand it can be so tough to handle conflicting opinions from your family and friends which can result in unneeded stress and a lot of conflict.  As a wedding planner, I can help facilitate an open and honest dialogue either privately or with your family outlining your challenges and I will present educated options which enable YOU to make an informed and final decision.  It is YOUR wedding day after all!