***disclaimer:  every venue is different, this is a high level comparison between two awesome careers.  Connect with me or your wedding venue directly if you have specific questions about the role differences on your big day ***

As I continue to meet with old and new contacts around the city, I find the title ‘wedding coordinator’ comes up everywhere.  It seems that a lot of people call themselves wedding coordinators these days especially when it comes to professionals working at an event venue.  I think that I take for granted the fact that I started my career running events at a venue and am pretty familiar with the distinction. I have been asked a few times to clarify the professional differences, so here goes:

 The Venue Coordinator’s primary responsibility is handling all details as they pertain to the venue.  I know that sounds obvi, but when you get into planning, things get confusing.  Their responsibility includes things like opening and closing the venue itself, ensuring all tables and chairs are set up exactly as they should be, ensuring the food is served on time (if the venue is also providing food and beverage service) and working directly with the banquet manager to make sure venue details like lighting, parking and washrooms are available for each guest.  A big thing here is that these venue experts are just that – experts of the venue!  I depend on them to tell me what works, what doesn’t work and to make sure my clients are adhering to house rules to make sure everyone is safe and has the best time.

 The Wedding Coordinator’s primary responsibility is the Bride and Groom.  If you aren’t happy, I’m not happy and I will ask the Venue Coordinator to work with us to make things better.  I will work with couples through the finest details and maintain and execute a work-back plan so everyone understands upcoming priorities and action items.  This includes (but not limited to): budget management, theme and décor development, vendor sourcing and contract negotiation.  I act as the liaison between the client and their vendors and a big part of my job is working with the venue coordinator.

 Bottom line, we are better when we work together!  My job is so much easier when I have a venue expert in the picture to help me create well organized and gorgeous events.  Soon I will post in a bit more detail some other major advantages of hiring a wedding coordinator for your big day!