No one ever said moving was easy and I am reminded of that every time I undergo a transition between cities or provinces.  With a few ‘moves’ under my belt, (most notably earlier this week) I have some recommendations to stay on track (and keep your cool throughout the process):

 Out with the Old

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to ditch the clothing and household items you haven’t touched in years or need to refresh at your new home.  Take time to prioritize items you must keep, giveaway and ‘might’ keep, (disclosure:  the ‘might’ keep category eventually moves to ‘giveaway’ once you start packing).  Giveaway, by the way, refers to ‘giving to someone else’ and avoid the trash can at all costs, (lesson from my Mother).  There are so many great organizations who will pick up your old household items, like Canadian Diabetes or Furniture Bank  not to mention really cool online options that enable you to sell your items like Trend Trunk.  When you take the time to go through your belongings before the packing process begins, you are moving with only the items you LOVE.  It’s a great feeling to unpack all your favorites when you arrive in your new home.

 Make a Schedule (and always a plan B)

As a planner, I love work back schedules both for work and my personal life.  Moving was no different and a few months before my move, I noted a few important deadlines week by week which included 4 phases of the ‘purging of the items’  based on room, coordination of pick up and drop off at various consignment stores, goodbyes with my friends and closing local accounts for internet and other expenses.  I set deadlines to sell my items and if an item wasn’t moving off a third party website, I kept a list of local organizations handy to drop off those otherwise unwanted items so they always found a new home.

 Never Pay for Boxes!

Repeat this line over and over.  This is a good time to make friends with the store next door.  I prefer the big, sturdy boxes from Grocery or Liquor stores, but if it is free and big enough, any box will do! Label each box clearly with the shipping information, quantity of boxes in the shipment and its corresponding room of the house.  When it comes to shipping, I am the biggest fan of Greyhound Courier within Canada.  You won’t find a cheaper way to ship those boxes and they have lots of shipping options, (the cheapest being terminal to terminal pick up if you have access to a car).

 Make Time to Say Good Bye and ask for help

I feel like this always gets low priority when women have so much on the go, but if you are moving to a new city it is so important to have a proper goodbye with the friends you won’t see on a regular basis anymore.  If you are super pressed for a few hours, pull the ‘merging of the friends’ card and bring everyone together for a good bye to make the most out of your time or ask a friend to come by with some take out and help you pack.


It can be hard for us busy bodies to stop and celebrate a moving milestone but upon arrival, make sure you grab yourself a bottle of wine and toast to your new chapter!