Some describe me as detail focused, a small few call me relaxed. I’m one of the hardest working little ladies’ you will ever meet and I am passionate about doing it right.  Lover of power classes, window shopping and a heaping bowl of fro yo after every meal.  A go- getter with pent up energy and I am ready to use it.  This is my blog, my website and finally I am doing something for myself.  Boy it has been a long time coming.

Moving to Toronto after University was the start of what has become a beautiful and rewarding career and I still love the energy and bustle of big city living and all the opportunity that comes with it.  Six years ago, an internship with a destination wedding company turned into another internship which turned into an actual PAYING events job!  #success.  I always wanted more, though.  I always wanted to book my own clients and continue to challenge myself. Now, with over six years’ experience in the event industry including a stint in the corporate and non-profit sector, I have made the switch full time to weddings and corporate events of all sizes and I am not looking back.  Moving back to the ‘Peg has allowed me to realize my passion, re-connect with my old friends, my family and keep my arms toned by continually swatting mosquitos and shoveling snow.  I lied about shoveling snow, I. just. can’t.  I believe Winnipeg is growing and it has huge opportunities for young entrepreneurs like me wanting to make a difference in their community and I’m pumped to be a part of it. It’s good to be home.  

Who doesn’t love a good celebration?  We all need something to break up the long, cold Canadian winters, school, work and repeat.  Nothing says happiness more than good friends, food and entertainment and I am so lucky that I can help make that happen for clients in Winnipeg and Toronto.

Oh and did I mention I’m a bit eager to get your event off the ground?  

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