Entertaining with Cheese

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love cheese and the holidays are a perfect time to showcase my favorites! Cheeseboards allow for a lot of creativity and it’s a great shareable platter for a party of any size.  I’m currently planning for my annual holiday party with my close girlfriends, (featuring a cheeseboard of course).  Here are some tips if you are thinking about serving a cheeseboard at your holiday party this year:


·         Choose your cheeses

From soft and creamy (brie) to firm and crumbly (gouda), select a minimum of three different types of cheeses to create a trio of texture and taste.

·         Choose your accompaniments

Add something fruity – fresh and dried, something crunchy, something savoury (like a nice prosciutto) and of course fresh breads and crisp crackers.

·         Other tips

-Remove cheese from the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving to bring out its full flavor

-Provide a different knife for each cheese and cut a few bites in advance for easy serving

-Label each cheese so everyone know what they are digging into!


Happy Holidays and Bon Appetite!